Meet Presse Café at the Consulate of Canada

Meet Presse Café at the Consulate of Canada

Montreal, November 25th, 2013 - H.E. Ross Miller, Consul General of Canada to Dubai and the Northern Emirates, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec, Marcel Hachem, Ceo of Presse Café Canada, and Theodoros Kringou, representative of Presse Café International for the GCC countries, are inviting the media and potential franchisees to a networking reception at the Consulate of Canada in Dubai, November 27th, 2013 at 5 p.m..

Proud to take this next step in the development of his banner born in Quebec and already present in five countries outside the Canadian borders, Mr. Hachem said: "Dubai is our gateway to the Emirates and the GCC countries". According to him, "Our simple and deeply rooted concept, as well as our friendly service and our willingness to adapt to the communities where we are established, locally and around the world, are what makes Presse Café a valued and appreciated business."

Presse Café is planning its first opening in the United Arab Emirates in 2014 and is seeking business partners to develop the chain in the area.

People interested to attend the reception must RSVP at

Published on 11/25/2013